America Under Attack!
Our heart goes out to all those victims and families whose lives have been forever changed by the events of September 11,2001.
We all offer our deepest sympathy and condolences to each and everyone of them.
This was the worst attack on America soil since Pearl Harbor, three hijacked planes slammed into the Pentagon and New York's World Trade Center on Tuesday demolishing the two 110- story Tower and also United Airliner flight 93 crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania wich was also hijacked.
Remember that this is one of the most horrifying attacks ever against the United States wich had a very deadly series of blows wich caused many lives.
One thing to always remember, those coward Terrorist are not able to kill the spirit of  us Americans in America not even the world. The only thing they have accomplished is that they made us Stronger, and more United than ever before!
There time is near when they have to pay, they can't hide forever we will find them!
                                         God Bless America!

This was designed from a woman name Jody!
The Statue of Libety f New York (before the attack)
In Memory of New York
     The Statue of Liberty Mourns,
for what has happend to Our  Country!
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The Staue of Liberty Crying! (after the attack)
The Statue of Liberty Cries (after the attack!)
I Feel Your Pain!
God Please...
Bless America!
Show Your         Support!
The Only Good Terrorist Is a Dead Terrorist!
London Embassy
The Dove of Peace
The Dove of Peace
people jumping out the windows of The New York World Trade Center
The Dove of Peace
The Dove of Peace
The Dove of Peace catched each & everyone of these Innocent People who jumped out these windows and took them to heaven!
Tuesday September 11,2001
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This site is Dedicated to: The People who lost loved ones in this Horrible Attack
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Lets All Say A Prayer Before We All Go To Bed...
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The Statue of Liberty before
The Dove of Peace
I feel your pain!
US Flag over Embassy in London
The Only Good Terrorist is a Dead Terrorist!
In Memory of The Pentagon
America's Most Wanted!
He is America's Most Wanted, and must give himself up to face justice for what he did .
Stop The Terrorism!