Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Cynthia's Amazing Products offers three different types of gift cards:"Ten Dollar Gift Cards, Twenty Five Dollar Gift Cards and Fifty Dollar Gift Cards. Please see below for the terms and conditions that apply to them."

                           Terms and Conditions for Gift Cards

A "Gift Card" is a gift card, In the form of an actual physical gift card, purchased from Cynthia's Amazing Products in a dollar denomination ranging from US $10.00 to US $50.00. The term "Gift Card" does not include "Promotional Gift Card", "Store Credit Gift Card" or "Customer Care Gift Card".

The following forms of payment are accepted for Gift Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

A Gift Card can be redeemed only through phone order by giving the product item #'s for Cynthia's Amazing Products and may only be used toward the purchase of product merchandise placed from off the website www.cynthiasamazingproducts.com or from one of our current catalogs.

If you use your Gift Card to make a purchase over the phone from our products off our website and your purchase does not exhaust the credit balance on your Gift Card, then you may use the remaining balance for future purchases, subject to the restrictions set forth herein. If you use your Gift Card to make a purchase over the phone from our products off our website which exceeds the credit balance on your Gift Card, you will have to use another payment method to pay for the remainder of your purchase.

Our Gift Cards do not expire.

No Dormancy Fee: Cynthia's Amazing Products will not assess a service fee or dormancy fee with respect to a Gift Card.

A Gift Card cannot be used toward the purchase of a new Gift Card.

Additional credit cannot be added to a Gift Card after it has been issued by Cynthia's Amazing Products.

Lost or stolen Gift Cards are NOT replaced.

No Gift Card from Cynthia's Amazing Products is redeemable for cash.

A Gift Card is not a credit card or debit card.

A holder of a Gift Card can obtain balance and other card information at any time by calling Cynthia's Amazing Products Customer Support at       1 (888) 313-5796 during normal business hours.

Except to the extent of any express conflict with these Terms & Conditions for Gift Cards, Cynthia's Amazing Products standard Policy and Agreement applies to Gift Cards. All provisions of these Terms & Conditions are enforced.

Note: Our Gift cards excludes the following items: -
Wireless Accessories, Any type of Shoes & Sandals, Perfumes, Colognes,  and *Handbags- that
are not from (For the family- Just For Her) pages, It also excludes our Handmade Products such as the Fleece Blankets, Bubblegum Machine etc. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.